Monday, June 25, 2007


photo credit: Randy Sutherland
On Saturday Afroculture performed UHURU for family and friends of the students of the Afroculture drum and and dance program. The performance was staged at the GYMC Recital hall. The evening unfolded with a dress up and rehearsal and our show began at 7pm prompt. I began the show with congratulations to students and a poem I had written that morning. The evening flowed effortlessly as if we were extremely well rehearsed. The dances were not flawless but filled to the brim with good energy, sweat, excitement and pleasure. The drumming vibrated in every cell of every body, waking up the dying. Yes, waking up the dying.

Uhuru- Freedom

freedom runs over

because it cannot be contained

inside a mere cup

of tin, porcelain, ceramic or gold

not even in one composed of flesh

with a lid made to fit

freedom is charged with too much pressure

within one complex compound

of life, laughter, hope and dreams

freedom bubbles over and spills

whoever it touches will be changed.

Adwoa Badoe

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