Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dobet Gnahore

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She is the next thing after Angelique Kidjo and I watched her open air performance in Ghana , April 2007 at the Alliance Francaise where she wowed the crowd with original music sang in at least four different West African languages. This woman is electric! Sparks fly everywhere as she performs. Her presence is arresting as she switches from a decorative percussive pot to the mbira and other strange instruments which seem to complement her own unique self. Her musicians are highly skilled singers, guitarists and a drummer who seems able to play the kit drum right alongside hand drums effortlessly. We could only gape at her as she sang and changed from one instrument to another and when she got up to dance...oh my, what a dancer: sensual, expressive, amazing, awesome...mama Africa in the prime of life.
She's coming, she's stirring things with the energy of Angelique and a whole new level of magnetism.
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