Friday, July 09, 2010

Since June

photo by Amiliah Goodrich...June 2010 Guelph Multicultural Festival
June 19th...the drum-dance year of Afroculture ended with the recital, "Joie de Vivre", held for families and friends. This performance took place at 3 Watson Rd South, at the premises of River of Life Church. I am told that the joy of the performers was fetching and infectious, and I agree. The fellowship and the laughter, the food and the atmosphere were all I could hope for. Since June 19th, we have also held workshops at the Guelph Multicultural Festival and told stories at The Latitudes Festival, Kitchener. Mostly my attention has been on the FIFA World Cup games and my energy has been spent in writing the roughest of rough drafts for my next novel. Did I say my first (YA) novel will be released in September? I am still witholding its name just a little longer for the sake of mystery.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ghana Black Stars at the FIFA World Cup.

The Black Stars of Ghana lost on penalties at the FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals in what was a nailbiting event with rousing highs and crushing lows. In the end an almost goal against Uruguay was stopped illegally by Suarez in the 120th minute. The ensuing penalty missed the goal mouth . This missed shot was taken by none other than the darling of the Ghanaians, Asamoah Gyan, the sole striker in an otherwise defensive team. The penalty specialist missed the shot in the crucial moment. Some call it a lapse of focus. I would much rather call it exhaustion and chance, and the factor of human error which is present, and can show up even at the best of times.

Gyan was devastated yet, when called up to do the first penalty shot of he shootout, he scored convincingly. Oh that it had happened earlier! Instead Uruguay won on the back of an illegal act which resulted in a red card. None the less they have gone forward- an oddity of the beautiful game. African and particularly Ghanaian hearts are raw. Everyone is asking why. But our boys have done us proud in their conduct, their play, their discipline and fortitude. They have been committed and classy-not a single red card in the entire competition. And all this for a continent that has been prevented for may years from even thinking that they had a right to dream of the FIFA world Cup. The limits are off. Here we come. Watch out world!!

Ghana Black Stars was the youngest team at the 2010 tournament.