Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jiwani- gye w'ani

photo credit: Randy Sutherland
Our group Jiwani has been performing since 2003 when I named it for our presentation at the Ojo Ayo festival. This group was the natural progression of my dance classes taught in Guelph since 1999...?... once my class was able to keep students enrolling year after year. We have since performed at many venues in Ontario and performed two major shows: the River Bride and The Griot's Journey, available on DVD. The life blood of the group is the dedication of its dancers and drummers, as the group requires that its performers be enrolled in on going classes to learn new material. The group also welcomes new talent identified through the Afroculture dance and drum classes. This approach means that performers are consistently learning new material and then practising in special Jiwani practice sessions toward performances.

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