Sunday, June 10, 2007


I wonder if any other cultures make dance music with religious themes of worship, thanksgiving and praise to God. Ghanaians make the most upbeat songs of praise in contemporary highlife and hiplife styles which lend themselves to dances at parties , gatherings, festivals and all kinds of get-togethers. We unabashedly join our voices to the compelling refrain of soulful voices extolling the virtues of God alongside the guitars, saxophones and high strung synthesizers while the drums pound a beat irresistible to dancing feet. We dance, we we stomp, we twist and turn merging our joy of community and worship into one, with laughter spilling unreservedly from mouth to ear, filling the spaces between conversations with ease, sweeping us all into healthy release. We look into each others eyes as we speak, shake hands with firmness and hug with warmth, seeking the exchange of good will.

All this at Joel's first birthday party, where the sauces and stews of the women's cooking fill us with desire for pepper and ginger and onions and salt, and the fermented corn rich dumplings of West Africa. The back door is open and the children careen in and out, playing hide and seek or catch. Sometimes they pause to breakdance to the admiration of uncles and aunties, clapping their hands and shouting: Go, go, go, Joshua! Our laughter mingles. We are one with the music, the praise, the joy, the food and with one another!

Shout out to Joel, Janet, Eddie, Joshua, Araba and Buadi!


Rodrigo said...

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Rosemary ANSAH said...

Sounds good !! Yum ! an opportunity to have fun as always,whilst giving praise to God Almighty.
God Bless Joshua !!

Anonymous said...

As Adwoa's friend and guest, it was a beautiful experience for me to be a part of this party-plus extravaganza! I (with all my taste buds and soul :) was truly blessed by the fun, refreshment and welcome I received. All this will continue to enrichen my enjoyment and extreme appreciation for the Ghanaian culture, spirit--and most especially, my Ghanaian friends! What a celebratory experience. May God richly bless you all...under His banner of love! Maureen

Dorothy said...

I know I missed a great party. I hope the younger ones remember to carry on the tradition; you know, getting together with friends and family to celebrate milestones or just for the fun of it. We always have a good time on these occasions, don't we? Let's keep the "spirit alive"!

Janet said...

My my my! It was certainly a day to remember for me. My baby turned one! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this fun event. Thanks Cuz for being the life of the party as usual and drawing as all into the excitement of african dance. Thanks for all the ongoing support of me and my family. God bless you and yours beyond measure.
Thanks Buadi and Araba for the wonderful barbeque chicken. It received much praise.