Friday, October 23, 2009


I remember this day at Centennial CVI when I taught an African dance workshop for a donation of books for the Kyebi school library. Here are the students who exchanged books for a dance class. Centennial was my son's high school.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Story of the Books

My dad, Professor K. Twum-Barima died in November 1998. He was a thoughtful man, an avid reader and a supporter of education for all. During his career, he developed to a large extent the undergrad. program of the KNUST Faculty of Agriculture, when the university first opened. He also assisted in developing educational programs in other West African countries. He was a member of the board of UNESCO for several years. He also donated substantially to the building of a dormitory for the Abuakwa State College with his friend, the late, Mr. Duah-Sakyi.

Giving his love for learning and his great interest and passion for Kyebi, Akyem-Abuakwa, Ghana, I wondered in what small way to remember him. I knew he wasn't one for funerals and sit-downs and great laments and so I thought a modest project like this one would just about do it. The problem was that while I have raised money for projects at home and overseas before, I hadn't done a hands-on project across seas. This was to be my first try.

The first part of the challenge was in Guelph, organizing myself and the project. Finding and selecting books and shipping the books. The second part of the project was in Kibi, involving my family and people I didn't know and hundreds of school kids. Well it was not a breeze but many people helped and the project is well on its way. You can read the various posts to see what happened.

Support for the Kibi Book Project....

Many people contributed to the Kyebi/Kibi school library project by donating in books, cash and time. To name a few: my Afroculture students, a highschool class, friends and friends of friends, Naresh Thevathasan, River of Life International Church and the staff at the Guelph Public Library. My friend Maureen Madill was chief supporter from the beginning, and to her, I owe much thanks, particularly because she believes in me.

Fule and the Books

I get all these ideas, and the Kyebi school library is one of them. But hardly anything happens unless I have Fule's support. Here he is, taping boxes shut and preparing to drive them to Toronto, to the shipper.

Adwoa and the Books...

This is the back of our trusty blue Dodge Grandcaravan packed with books for Kyebi or Kibi, Ghana, a project began earlier in the spring of 2008. On this day the books are travelling to Toronto to be sent by sea to Ghana.

Is there life beyond Coca Cola?

At the end of the afternoon celebrating the students, the birth of a library and my Dad, my sister Ama and my nephew Duke sit side by side preparing to eat a late lunch pushed down with a bottle of coke.

A little something to eat before we leave...

Everyone else is having lunch too.

Jimmy Twum-Barima

The younger ones of our next generation came to celebrate a great grand dad.

The top half of our next generation...

The grandchildren of the Prof, my nieces who worked hard to serve almost 400 students.

Going Home

God be with you till we meet again....
"Nyame ne wo nantew kosi se ye be hyia bio."
"Kwaheri, kwaheri mpenzi kwaheri."

The generations

Many Handshakes

It is always about the present and the future. Sankofa says, it doesn't hurt to reach into the past to impact the future.

Family and community

All in a day's work! Mr Sintim replies graciously to our speech and pre-donation.


Who will despise the day of small beginnings?

The Handshake seals the deal

Delivering a speech in honour of the late K. Twum-Barima, and on behalf of his wife and children and grandchildren, the Guelph friends of Adwoa Badoe and the staff of the Guelph Public Library, all on one handshake.

Have a look at Jazlyn J!

So I opened the suitcases and showed him the books. The one in my hand is a Jazlyn J book, donated by the author, Renna Bruce, no less!

The Pre-Donation

The thirty or so boxes of books were still on the high seas but I had travelled with two suitcases chock-packed with books, This was the pre-donation until the ship came in to dock.

The big kids are singing, too...

Big kids make neater lines.

The teacher leads...

Then there was a song

The sound of the voices of several hundred children, giving thanks to the Father.


Assembly began with a prayer.

The District Board of Education sent a representative!

Mr. W.O. Sintim is the Public Relations Officer for the District Board of Education who came with a speech of well wishes and thanks from the chairman. It turns out he is related to my bro Ken Asafo Adjei of Montreal and if one looks into the serpentine twists and turns of relationships in Kyebi, we may end up related by marriage.

The Table is Set

We donated plastic chairs for the library and also for the headteacher's office. Since the library space is small, reading will be done in classrooms and also beneath the shade trees....and plastic chairs are light and easy to carry.

The Headteacher is host!

Mr Adu Poku prepared to host the visiting party, the family of the late Professor Twum-Barima with project 'School Library assisted by friends of Adwoa Badoe, the good citizens of Guelph and the Guelph Public Library staff.

Grade six boy!

Dark and handsome and undoubtedly smart. He kept a blue handkerchief in his pocket and said 'Grace' for his class. Something tells me he will amount to much. Blessings on his head.

Cute as a button!

The little boy sat upright and smiled. This was a good day!

The Littlest Ones

These little ones opted to take their food home to share. A treat goes a long way, as do surprises!

What a fuss about food!

Food neatly packed in styrofoam-ware,
Cameramen snapping rapid photos,
While we wait to eat.

Saying Grace

Thank you, Lord, for the food we eat. Amen!

Serving is such a pleasure!

My big sister, Ama Gaisie, serves the nation as the Solicitor-General . Here she is with her daughter Asabea, serving the school children of Kibi Elementary School.

There is no feast without food...

Sitting in pairs behind those wooden desks, the food was set before them. Such manners, such patience! These aren't hungry children, huh!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sweet and Shy

At last, this little helper managed to look at me long enough and SNAP!

A Cheerful Smile

A smile for the camera...see how she lights up!

Those who work behind the scenes

Quietly cooking and dishing out. Many hands make light work.

A Happy Cook

A happy cook makes the difference between a tasty meal and a bland one. This cook was in good spirits!

The Cooks and Helpers

This is where hundreds of meals that we had ordered, were getting packaged for the children and their teachers. Rice and chicken stew-a sure delicacy!

The Outdoor Kitchen

From this unassuming spot on the school compound, meals are made to feed sudents in a nationwide pilot that has seen many children return to school.

Let's Pose

And the camera went click on them while all their friends watched.


They could almost have been twins but they were just friends. How photogenic!

Enough Already...Not!


What a party! My Mom sure knew what would rock!

The DJs Set up on the verandah...

Honestly, I was surprised to see the DJs- that was my Mom's idea. But what a blast. It was before the elections and they were playing Nana Addo's song which all the students could sing quite well.

Felicia was the first to paint.

At last, we leave the painting for the painter!

His job was to finish it off well!

How many people will paint one small room?

The child in me wanted to paint and pose! LOL!

Jaycee paints

Big Sis and Niece a-painting!

Teachers Paint...

Boys paint too!