Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Story of the Books

My dad, Professor K. Twum-Barima died in November 1998. He was a thoughtful man, an avid reader and a supporter of education for all. During his career, he developed to a large extent the undergrad. program of the KNUST Faculty of Agriculture, when the university first opened. He also assisted in developing educational programs in other West African countries. He was a member of the board of UNESCO for several years. He also donated substantially to the building of a dormitory for the Abuakwa State College with his friend, the late, Mr. Duah-Sakyi.

Giving his love for learning and his great interest and passion for Kyebi, Akyem-Abuakwa, Ghana, I wondered in what small way to remember him. I knew he wasn't one for funerals and sit-downs and great laments and so I thought a modest project like this one would just about do it. The problem was that while I have raised money for projects at home and overseas before, I hadn't done a hands-on project across seas. This was to be my first try.

The first part of the challenge was in Guelph, organizing myself and the project. Finding and selecting books and shipping the books. The second part of the project was in Kibi, involving my family and people I didn't know and hundreds of school kids. Well it was not a breeze but many people helped and the project is well on its way. You can read the various posts to see what happened.

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randy sutherland said...

What a wonderful thing to do!