Saturday, October 03, 2009

Kibi in November

My sister Ama, and I travelled the Accra Kibi road in perhaps two hours, chauffered by Mr. Bernard. We went to speak to the headteacher about the library project. I explained about the idea of celebrating my Dad with the library project to benefit the kids of the school. I told him about the books which were then on the high seas, making their way to the shores of Ghana. I had taken almost two suitcases full of books with me, as my personal luggage, only managing to squeeze in a few clothes. Mr. Adu Poku was enthusiastic. He left the planning to us.
On that first day we went around with my mom to meet and greet the teachers and the students. I was happy to see the students were well dressed, well mannered, healthy, confident and quite well spoken. There were about sixty of them in each class and yet the classes were disciplined and not rowdy. The future generations are coming up and they are looking good!

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