Friday, October 02, 2009

Mr Adu Poku and Kibi District Authority Elementary School

Mr Adu Poku and Adwoa Badoe at the Kibi Elementary School, Nov 2008

Mr. Adu Poku, headteacher of the Kibi Elementary school wrote to me and called me. I was so thrilled. He said at last he was entering the donated books into a library ledger so he could make the books available to the children. I have to get around to posting the photos of the library clean-up and the eager kids with whom we celebrated the arrival of books, a project we embarked on with the help of the Guelph Library staff in honour of the 10 anniversary of the passing of my father. I have since followed the books up lat Kibi, this past August, only to find school closed for the "summer." I met Mr. Adu Poku who was then on his way to his farm. He was grateful for the books on behalf of the children and has followed up with a phone call and a letter, just this week. This is grand!

I promise to post the photos of the kids and the school soon. This is why have written this blog, to hasten me. I tend to slow down conspicuously around tech matters.

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Anonymous said...

I am so wowed! You make me want to be a better person all the time. Reading brought tears to my eyes but also a fierce determination to do better in all my endeavours. The children looked so happy and the pictures spoke tons. May the appreciation be shown when the children read all these great books and know that the world is surely their oyster. Good work sistah.