Friday, October 02, 2009

Hogbetsotso 2009

Adwoa at Hogbetsotsosoza 2008., doing agbadza highlife..I can't believe I went there without my bubu or kaba-slit.
Next Saturday, October 10th is the annual Hogbetsotso festival. I must make plans to go to Toronto to see our own Guelphite, Atsu Amegashie , professor of Economics, who will be a chief this year. Atsu is the best dancer of all, lithe, rhythmic and indefatiguable. I always anticipate the mass Atsiagbekor dance performed by the entire troupe and the good food, particularly kenkey, fresh hot pepper and keta school boys that my sistah Evelyn Quist serves. This year I will miss Mr. Fugar a true elder of the Southern Volta Ewes. He was the one who first connected me with Hogbetsotso. Almost every year I danced agbadza with him. May he rest in peace. Hopefully this year, I will set off on time and will catch the dances which so thrill me.

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