Friday, March 23, 2007

Seeds in the Ground

A full day of workshops at June Avenue P.S yesterday was very satisfactory. Fule and Kathleen made up the rest of the team. It took a bit of planning between the principal, Maureen and I but it was well delivered and I do believe the students were inspired to a new love of storytelling which should also impact their creative writing. There was dance and hand-drumming too and a spirit of celebration to welcome the Spring. Spring is here at last. I particularly enjoyed the teachers' workshop and felt the strength of community so tangibly. I think I should offer more workshops to teachers as a group. Perhaps I should follow up on how the teachers use storytelling in the classroom after this workshop.

Today, I went out without a leather jacket and tonight will only drop as low as 1 degree. Yippee!Jiwani practiced our two dances for the United for Africa show on March 29th. Jiwani is looking sizzling hot and I couldn't be more pleased. We'll pick up stronger on the singing in April. The season has changed and if you haven't got seeds in the ground, then hurry up! Those who have ears, let them hear!

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