Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dreams and Manuscripts

Yes, I've been working on two manuscripts. They are not your usual manuscripts, these I think I may self-publish. I have this desire for a small publishing outfit and then I think....too much to do in too little time. What shall I do?
I've been writing on my favorite themes of storytelling and African History, looking to develop material to support my presentations. The year is moving on swiftly and there is much to do.
My mind wanders, yet I return to my writing and little by little the job gets done. Today I received an email to join in a community conversation on the theme Greater Guelph. What do you know? I was already thinking of something to engage Guelph, something as fascinating as The Guelph Festival of African Arts. I was thinking of this as we travelled between Guelph and places beyond Stratford and Clinton, Ontario. Fule was driving and we were listening to Habib Koite's soothing kora music undergirded subtly by a bass guitar rhythm. I dreamed.
I am still working on two manuscripts, waiting to hear about three other manuscripts out there with publishers. I am working on a proposal and planning performances and a trip to Ghana. I am avoiding my email because my mind has turned introspective. It was a good day. Much was done in dreams wherein I visualized great endings in technicolour.

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