Sunday, March 11, 2007

Finding a New Direction

I am looking for a new direction for my blog, hoping I will find something which will keep me motivated to write and you waiting to read what I have to offer next. This week has been exciting. Tuesday 6th March was the 50th anniversary of Ghana's Independence. All eyes on Ghana ,with reporters from old colonial master-country, writing about the excitement and exuberance of Ghanaians while citizens continue to drink dirty water. As if we were not exploited and underdeveloped when we were colonoized for 50 years plus. Yes, we know our problems but there is a day to celebrate and hope!
Thursday was the International Day for Women and in Guelph the YWCA hosted its luncheon to announce nominees for the Woman of Distinction Awards in Guelph. What an afternoon of women,(in black mainly), speeches, photographers, good food and optimism. I am nominated for the category arts and culture alongside dance artists Janet Johnson and Catrina von Radecki and other accomplished women. Well wishes to women in general and congratulations to all the Women of Distinction. The week was busy with workshops and performances and now I look forward to resting.

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