Sunday, March 18, 2007

Like Chocolate

How do we relate to media? How do I relate to media? In September 2006, the beautiful collection of photographs and ruminations of writers, "Reading Writers Reading", by Danielle Scahub brought my likeness to print. Then "My Wedding Dress," edited by Susan Whelehan and Anne Carter brought my memoir and likeness once more on to the printed page. Then there I was for brief seconds on CP24, at the launch of "My Wedding Dress , in resplendent bubu, perhaps something I would have dressed in if I was now going to be married. Then I had this invitation to be interviewed by Shelagh Rogers on CBC, 'Sounds Like Canada', a request which failed twice due to traffic, weather and travel. Recently I was once again in the Guelph Mercury, this time on the front page at the revealing of the nominations for the Woman of Distinction Award YMCA/YWCA Guelph. My thought is: Occassional press is to be enjoyed like chocolate. So I have enjoyed it and say thanks to God for uplifting my work in the public view.

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