Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Festival of Joy

This week has been full of work and energy, new projects starting, old ones ending. This is life! Surprise dance workshop on Thursday for two hundred student visitors at Centre Wellington, one drum and high ceilings. Everythng was larger than the drum and the microphone but we persevered.
A new choreography is finding its path with 12 kids and one me, at the Guelph Youth Dance Company, all for Asabea's outdooring!
Proofreading Between Sisters, all weekend, preplanning Asabea, for May 8th, but the highlight of this weekend was the rehearsal of the production "The Festival of Joy!"
A simple presentation has morphed into a production because of a small demand placed on me. Mr. Oates said, we want to perform this for our "Theatre for young audiences series." So over the weekend, I wrote the script, putting together three days of workshops into a fun dramatic peiece for young children.
Never underestimate the youth. The dull indifference on day one, has transformed itself into a dynamic and dramatic presentation, showcasing storytelling, drama, dance, drumming, joy, interaction and community which is sure to be a blast. I enjoy directing and I learned from Mr. Oates just how little things dramatically impact a scene. Important key elements in all of this is trust and perseverance and patience. WRITE the VISION and make it PLAIN!

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