Thursday, April 01, 2010

The First Quarter Rush

My first quarter, 2010 ended in dramatic fashion. All of a sudden..first pages arrived by priority mail...which in fact was the formatted pages of my book for final proofreading. 48 hours of frenzied reading over the weekend, and I understand the next time I see the manuscript it will be a book. Magic! Then Monday returned me to the Guelph Youth Dance Company-(my current inspiration) to choreograph "Asabea." My evening dance class went well and I woke up exhausted for Tuesday and Stop the World at the Guelph Youth Music Centre. Two days of workhops for elementary school groups in African music and rhythm making. We got filmed for local TV to show next week, beginning Friday at 5:30pm after a segment where Arjay is interviewed concerning the Guelph Jazz Festival. Thursday was a treat, teaching Grade seven at NorthWestern- a fun but focussed group of students who re-energized me for our last workshop of the week.

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