Sunday, March 07, 2010

GHANA IS 53 years old.

The country called Ghana was born 53 years ago, delivered out of the womb of colonization. A thick umbilical cord was severed at birth and mother British Empire turned her swollen mammae away in disgust- let this infant fend for herself.

Which she has done, and like Tarzan, often the surrogates she found were, "Oh so wild". Yet willy nilly, she carried on, through the charged passion of her independence, with hope peaking higher than Afajato, through the withdrawal symptoms of megadeals gone awry, one party state, coup d'├ętats upon coup d'├ętats while civillians struggled in vain against the lure of corruption, so much money to dazzle the eyes and dizzy the mind. And the years passed, calendar months were torn of sheets and thrown in the trash.

And inspite of all this, and malaria and malnutrition and barefooted children trudging off to school, there were some who got PhDs, and then were cast adrift along channels of brain drain. And somehow by the great mercies of God, whether through the military or the military turned civillian, inspite of rumours, plans, schemes and machinations; inspite of the lack of comprehensive civil rights, human rights, freedom of speech, freedom from oppression, imprisonment etc the country has escaped the round of wars which have hit the region like the seasonal hurricanes, one after another, and another and another.

53...we are alive, more of us educated than ever before, away or at home our impact is felt, speaking out louder than ever before. Discovering, oil and more of oil, just at it seemed to be getting out of fashion.
53.... and growing wiser, pragmatic and more compassionate; daring to dream a bigger brighter world where we maintain and upkeep, plan, design and build for the glorious sustainable future...

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