Monday, July 16, 2007


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This blogging thing is getting complex. I have managed to forward a photo message from a cell phone to email, to my blog. (What a mouthful!) But it has become a secret photo which won't show unless you click 'view message.' So go ahead and click on
it until I figure things out.
Doors (under construction)

Doors hold secrets.
They let you in, and you belong
They shut you out,
Alone, excluded, despised.
Doors imprison or set you free
Opens into a garden
Fragrant with memories,
Refreshing the soul,
While another locks thought
Inside a constricted cell,
Of bitter emotion
Or plain old boredom- ennuie.
Coccooned, embraced and reassured,
Forlorn, forsaken in the cold and rain,
One door is death, another is life,
May your door open to the light.

The secret photo hiding behind "View Message" is of our guide on the Freedom Trail, standing by the secret door inside a basement of a house in Niagara where escaped slaves were kept secure after they had crossed the Niagara river, following the North Star to freedom. I only had a cell phone for a camera but one other storyteller on the tour, promised to send me pictures from her camera.

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