Monday, July 02, 2007

ABCs of Anti-HIV Campaigning

In the Ugandan HIV/AIDS campaign, designed by the government,

A: stands for ABSTINENCE

B: stands for BE FAITHFUL

C: stands for CONDOM use.

Is it possible to teach such virtues, one may ask? Yes, it is difficult but possible. I have heard that behaviour change takes up to ten years to achieve if one is committed and focussed. But once that happens what an impact on society! It's important to involve communities, educational institutions and religious institutions in massive campaigns to change whole nations for the better and to put HIV down. Time has passed since the 1990s and ARVs have been developed- Anti-retrovirals which have prolonged life expectancy among victims of AIDs and almost completely reduced the mother- fetal transmission. This means greater quality of life, fewer orphans, and lower incidence of disease. The campaign is on to make affordable drugs available in Africa. What shall we do to help this situation?

D: therefore stands for DRUGS-life saving ARVs.

This however is not all there is to anti-HIV education. There are human rights issues at stake in this war.

E :stands for ETCETERA.

Poverty is a monster, Malaria and TB are still endemic and inspite of laws, Women and Children's Rights are non existent in communities in Africa, leaving large percentages of the population vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation. Here is the chance to change all this as the war on HIV is declared.

Adwoa has written children's books on social issues for Africa: These are published by MacMillan UK.

1. My Sister Julie also translated into French and Kinyarwandan.

2. It's OK to be SAD

3. Malaria

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