Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TENACITY! Lesson One from Mrs. Clinton

Lesson one from Hillary Clinton is TENACITY.
Don't slack, loosen or quit your hold, no matter what.
Her eye has been on the end even when she had not fully conceived the goal, while it was just an uncommitted germ cell in an embryonic ovary.

She has been tenacious through her education as a young woman in law school and after her heart beat was awakened by Martin Luther King and she met and married her savvy husband Bill and found the dream which then doubled. Nothing has deterred her, not Whitewatergate or Whitehouseimproprietygate, when most feminists may have been tempted to divorce an errant husband in one self-satisfying drama of revenge and justification. No!

Hillary has taught us to dream the dream and to hold on to the dream, taking the plusses and the minusses. Hillary has taught me to keep the drama low and not to be the victim and to keep counting the 'yea' votes one by one. Eighteen million she came up with. Hats off to Hiilary and the victory of tenacity. Tenacity like Hillary continues to be a force to reckon with.

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