Friday, June 06, 2008

Obama etc.

Obama has won the Democratic primaries and made history! I hope the Americans commit to making even larger history for the elections. Rev. TD Jakes had much to say about that on a CNN site well worth reading. Worldwide, this event will serve to lift the expectations of Black people and minorities everywhere. We are aware that this event is about America yet it touches the rest of us in very real ways. Life is about the present and the future, the past should only help to strengthen our resolve for better tomorrows.

I have learned many lessons from watching both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama on CNN news everynight. I have enjoyed most of the presenters guests and analysts for these months, all except Lou Dobbs who leaves me feeling that there is something beneath that cultivated exterior. Larry King, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer, I like, but we need a true woman anchor, a colorful personality, smart and intense, yet cool and professional. How about Arianna of the Huffington Post? She's smart but doesn't come accross like a bully as do Nancy Grace and Judge Judy. John King will be very happy to rest his electronic map. He must be so fed up of crunching those same numbers night after night although he was a good sport and never showed it. I must say CNN is riveting in it's ability to keep us hooked on the news inspite of many repetitions. How they manage to keep circulating the same news through out the day from program to program is amazing. I believe them when they say they are the best news team.

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