Friday, October 06, 2006

Catching up!

Since July when I last wrote, I have performed storytelling at the Hillside festival and we have taught African Drumming and Dance at CAMMAC which was a great retreat for our family. We met wonderful families who were so enthusiastic about music. We had a time of it. I even wrote a poem about Lakefield:

Canoeing at Lakefield

Canoeing at Lakefield
Where only one
Fingertip stirs the lake
Just where it fills
Through the hairline breach
On the basin floor
Where earth sits secure upon the waters brow
Sending waves on a ripple course
One follows fast after another
And ever widening circles move
An unfurled leaf along a course
Languidly floating between B flat and D
And those who travel on Lakefield lake
Sing joyfully to the distant shore

After Lakefield I returned to writing. I have this manuscript which I plan to publish as a book guide for the DVD performance: The Griot's Journey.

September brought us all down to earth, with kids returning to school and studio programs running! This fall most my classes are full and bursting with enthusiasm. I am so pleased! I am teaching the Djole-an exuberant dance from Guinea.

September 7th to 9th was the Eden Mills Writers Festival weekend. On the Friday I met Natale Ghent, John Vaiilant and James Bow at a workshop for Grade 10 CELP students of Centennial CVI. I enjoyed the students and the various presentations. On the Saturday I returned to Eden Mills to attend a workshop where master storyteller Dan Yashinsky presented along side Sandra Sabatini and Nicole Brossard. Sunday was the festival proper which I relished for its simplicity, excellence and reverence for nature. Sabitini was brilliant. I met Stephen Henighan there and was happy to have his company. Danielle Schaub's book is out 'Reading Writers Reading'. It is a beautiful book and I'm very honoured to be in it- as I looked five years ago. I am in very good company.

We (Jiwani) performed at the Guelph for Africa event where Stephen Lewis delivered an impassioned speech on HIV in Africa and particularly Lesotho. We were glad to stand up for Africa and show off her colour and spirit in dance, drumming and song. James Gordon and Friends performed 10 Bucks and other songs. James was great as usual!

In September We won a Ghanaian Canadian Award of merit for promoting African Culture. That makes 2 awards so far since last year. That's it for now.

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