Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Marketing Brainstorm

I was considering strategies for distributing The Griot's Journey and although I had some ideas I had no energy to commit to the process today. I did not give in to the urge of creating. It is such an escape at times like this. I held out. I went shopping instead with my daughter. I cooked a Ghanaian meal, a version of garden egg stew with rice. It wasn't bad but it was still only a version, a contemporization of an old ethnic meal. It was better than nothing but the pieces of smoked salmon were strangely too sweet.

So tonight, I watch TV and grow stronger so that tomorrow I can start effectively working out my strategies. Some of the ideas will demand creativity, (which concept I had put on hold) the others have to do with finding a distributor and aggressively contacting and pitching several bookstore owners. My marketing will be creative and must impact my advertising. If I have ever had to plan ahead, the time is now. How do I get the attention of multitudes? Will this blog help? You tell me.


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atsu amegashie said...


It's great you've started this blog. I do hope that it gives more publicity to the great cultural work that you and Fule do.

I admire your creativity and energy.

keep up the good work.

atsu amegashie