Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Guiding Mosaic

At the Guelph Lake, there are 2700 Guides from Canada and around the world discovering the world and challenging themselves. It is a bustling, energetic camp with all kinds of activities, from kayaking to fencing and Crime Scene Investigation. There are acitivities off site and actvities on site. The girls are sewing, painting picture frames, learning digital scrap book making and a host of other activities. Of course Fule and I were there for 4 days representing Readers and Rhythms and teaching the most energetic drum and dance workshops. It was a blast to introduce the probable future leaders of Canada and twenty other countries to the awe inspiring polyrhythms and dance moves of West Africa. I was pleased to have students from Nigeria, Grenada, Dominican Republic, the USA and Scotland and all the provinces in Canada participate. I hope the message spreads all over the world that there is nothing more welcoming than the passion of the Drum! So we appeared on Rogers TV Roger's local- just bits and pieces of our workshop and interview. Watchout as it will be showing all week. So shimmy-shimmy.


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