Sunday, October 17, 2010

October: The first half

Wow, October is half way through already. I have written the second draft of the first book of a YA series that I am planning for Ghana. I am quite pleased with the speed of that. You've got to love October with the trees in full Fall colours and falling off. The days of a light jacket and a long walk are fast diminishing and you can expect the cold to arrive shortly. October goes into history this year for the incredible rescue of the Chilean miners. And so for me October speaks of hope and breakthrough solutions. I have a lot of work to finish by the end of the month including a trip to Toronto and the FOOL festival which I will be attending and participating in for the very first time. October is always great for the celebrations of birthdays, anniveraries and Thanksgiving, which brought twenty-two people in my home for turkey fun and fellowship.

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