Monday, May 10, 2010


Saturday May 8th at the GYMC, the girl trickster Asabea was announced and outdoored before the enthusiastic community of Guelph. The performance was very interactive in the African style with songs, drumming, rhythm stories, story call and response. The performers were very animated, vibrant and powerful and the audience very connected and enthusiastic. I am always amazed how these shows turn out once we get going. For the first time, my son Wynne opened for me with a rap tailor-made for show, characters and mother. Three brand new stories of Asabea, two rhythmic stories: rap and call-and-echo, three dances of different styles, Ghana, Guinea and Ivorian, three songs made up a great evening. Hats off to the drummers who undergirded the evening, Chris, Mark, Kathleen and Fule, the Eramosa P.S. drummers, the Adowa dancers, Anita and Edwoba, the Guelph Youth Dance Company, and Jiwani dancers: Rocio and Mary who featured with me. Shout-outs to the tech crew, Rodney, Matthew and Nana, my admin staff, Fule, Ashorkor, Stephanie, Wynne and my great support and canvasser, Maureen.

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