Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Speaks

I've been silently watching the new year unfold its early intentions before my eyes. Unfortunately for her, many of the early goings and comings were written before the close of the last year. She carefully follows through; there is this expectation between the past and the present, something to hold the future steady on the tracks of time. It takes patience to paint the changes within a new year. Even so, colour appears on the frozen gray canvass of the new year and transcendent visions establish the substance of hope firmly within the soul, waiting to manifest as January gives way to February and March. The new year will sing its own note and already I'm humming along.

Watch Out for show-time on February 9th: Song of Wagadu: Song of Africa, featuring Adwoa Badoe, Njacko Backo, Jiwani, and special friends of mine.

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