Saturday, November 18, 2006

One minute poetry and six word story

Here is some word fun which we shared at my birthday party. ENJOY!!

POETRY in a minute,
ready, set, go
time's up, pens down
here is what you wrote... at Adwoa's birthday party!

We laughed
We were merry
It rained, it snowed
We still laughed
We stayed merry

The night was dark
The stars did not come out
We still laughed, we were merry

God's people
laughter in our hearts
Merriment in our souls
We laughed, we stayed merry


words on a page, meanings beyond time,
words on a page, metaphors, nouns, verbs
words that fill my heart and yours
words that I give to you


My Mom pulled out a stick
Her hands moved very quick
My bum soon was sore
This seemed against every law


He came around at midnight
Stamping, kicking and yelling
Oh what noise that stops kites
Flying at heights compelling


Cheechili bum bum
I went to town
lookin' for fun fun fun


Poetry Smoetry
Haiku Faiku
Rhyme Time

Fire will burn you
No I will burn fire
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
Ashes to Hope
Hope to Faith
Faith to Faith


A childs dictation list?
Is it?
Or is it the mumbo jumbo
Of my psychosis


I wish I was still still
As I was at conception
At my beginning
Unfettered, free


Joy is
friends gathered
around a birthday cake
candles smoking....


STORIES in six words or less.....

Atsu: What a great evening! Thanks Adwoa.

Fule: Why me?

Greg: This tattoo has a long story!

Greg: Roots, branches, capillaries....

Mary: Gridlock, exhaustion, door, lightswitch, SURPRISE PARTY

Kwame: Yesterday I asked Dorothy to dance.

Kwame: If only you believe in me.

Kwame: You always interrupt whenever I.....

Dorothy: She danced and danced, dropped dead...

Dorothy: She opened it and said wow.

Sally: Adwoa's jollof rice disappeared in minutes.

Sally: The dance steps told who dunnit.

Dorothy: Footsteps, gun shot, aaaaah!!!!!

Adwoa:"Move over". She falls. He walks.

Adwoa: I drum, Fule dances, they freak.

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